Banner photograph of St. Thomas Episcopal Church Cemetery, Bath, North Carolina - Taken by Judith Richards Shubert October 2008

There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.
- Thornton Wilder

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blanchard Cemetery, Blanchard, Oklahoma



Blanchard Cemetery
McClain Co.

While traveling to Kansas City in April of 2005 we made a detour to Blanchard, Oklahoma, where some of our ancestors are buried. Blanchard is a pretty little town and looks a lot like East Texas to me. There were more trees than I had imagined.

As you can see, there is a beautiful tree just steps from my great-grandparents' headstone. They are in the foreground of the picture above.


Harvey Vandegar Puckett
May 27, 1871 - Feb. 19, 1958
Alice Puckett
Aug. 1, 1872 - July 17, 1954

I was standing looking southwest from my great-grandparents' grave when I took this photograph. It's a beautiful cemetery.

You can find more of my Puckett ancestors at my blog, Genealogy Traces, where I will be posting the other pictures that I took the day we stopped here to go down "memory lane."

Cemetery in McClain County, Oklahoma, USA.
Latitude: 35.15972 : Longitude: -97.65167

Photographs taken by Judith Richards Shubert, 2005 (c)


  1. Sent by TreasuresInHeaven on March 02, 2009:

    well hello, Judy! I know you from FB through JoLyn and gravemappers. Your blog is fabulous too--I'm a follower though I've not ever posted. I'm sorry you had troubles commenting on my blog. I went in and adjusted my comment settings and hopefully that fixed it. I usually do that when I set up a blog, but I must have overlooked it. I grew up never setting foot in a cemetery until my first baby girl died. After that, I was hooked. I looked up all my grandparents and found them (can't believe my mother had NEVER taken us to any of their graves in our entire lives). So I spent the last several years finding the cemetery to be my very favorite place to be, but feeling alone & isolated and just a little freakish (my mom made sure to let me know that my enjoyment of the cemetery was just a little twisted, but I distanced her and kept up with my passion). Once I got to facebook, I found all sorts of people like me. And then JoLyn friended
    me after I'd joined one of the FB cemetery groups and the whole world opened up for me. I found Graveyard Rabbits and you and a couple of others that are just my comfort and joy. It's
    been a real honor and privilege to meet you and know you. And I can't thank you enough for your compliments on Stone Angels Iron Gates. It's my heart's passion now (besides dolls). I have your blog bookmarked and part of my networkedblogs on FB too. When I get over to FB later today, I'll make sure to friend you.
    Thanks again for reaching out to me and may I send lots of hugs and affection right back at ya!

    Hugs, Vickie

  2. It is good that the cemeteries are in good condition, clean and very well preserved.

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  4. That looks like a very nice, quiet, and peaceful cemetery.


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